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Stockmax Dust Free Livestock Bedding

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Better Bedding for Healthier Animals

STOCKMAX Shavings – 100% natural, dust free livestock bedding developed and made-to-measure to help you keep your animals healthy, happy and comfortable.

You know that the type and quality of bedding you choose for your animals is important to their health and well-being. You may not know quite how big that impact can be, or how many factors there are that determine which is the best bedding for your animals – and for you.

“Natural pine hygiene, no dust, warmth and comfort”

Why is STOCKMAX special?

We’ve been researching, developing and making our pine shavings bedding for well over fifteen years.

Our objective when we started was to make the best possible bedding for stabled horses. But in recent years, experienced animal carers have discovered that the benefits that make our shavings the brand leader for horses also make them the ideal bedding for many other animals, large and small.

STOCKMAX is for…


Many sheep farmers who have switched to STOCKMAX Shavings when lambing inside report dramatic reductions in lamb deaths.


Research in the US suggests that pine shavings may help keep dairy cows cleaner and more hygienic, and reduce mastitis.

Game Chicks

A growing number of game farmers, rearers and gamekeepers are using STOCKMAX shavings to improve their results.

Working Dogs

Gun dogs, sheepdogs, hounds, all benefit from a dry, comfortable, hygienic bed to keep them in the best of health and condition.


Many happy poultry keepers are already telling us our shavings work beautifully for their hens and chicks, ducks, turkeys and guinea fowl.

Pets and Parrots

And yes, we know they work for all much-loved pets from guinea pigs and rabbits to snakes and reptiles, parrots and birds of prey.

To find out more about STOCKMAX shavings visit our dedicated Stockmax website.

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