Hello and welcome to my July blogpost! The last month has flown by having finished my final A level exams on the 14th of June and finally being able to jump back into riding and competing much more consistently. Whilst I have a long summer ahead of me I am already super booked up and busy with lots of exciting things to look forward to!

The beginning of the month was taken up by my A level exams which meant I didn’t have as much time to ride as I would have liked to but I’m hoping I did well in them in order to get good enough grades for my first choice university which is Exeter. I took English literature, maths and psychology and am hoping to study English at university. I still want to continue competing my horses and am aiming to come home on the weekends to ride and compete and I am really lucky to have a good team around me to help me out whilst I will be studying.

Once my exams were over, training really increased and Flo is feeling fitter and fitter every time I ride her and I’m seeing a real improvement in both her way of going and her well-being having had the operation. I had no idea how much of a big difference the operation would make just to her everyday life but I have seen a real change; she actually seems to be happier and definitely much more comfortable which is most important to me and makes it all worth it. We decided to compete at Hickstead Premier League on the 21st and 22nd of June in the FEI junior classes.

We came 4th on the first day with a score of 68.51% which I was really pleased with as I made a few mistakes and felt as though I could have ridden better. The next day I was determined to take some risks to get the way of going better and they definitely paid off as we landed a place on top of the podium to take a win with 70%! I was overjoyed to have broken the 70% barrier just in our third competition since the operation and it has made me so excited for what’s to come as we continue to build up strength.

Recently I have received some very exciting news that Flo and I have been selected to compete at the international competition at Hickstead in July representing Great Britain! I am over the moon to have been selected as we were so unsure how Flo would be following her operation and I am so excited to continue training after our success at the premier league.

This will be our last competition at junior level (U18) due to my age so next year I will move up to young riders (U21) which will be at Prix St George level. Our first attempt at the Young Rider Team test will be at Hartpury Festival of Dressage at the beginning of July so fingers crossed all goes well!

I am back training my young horse Lilo too who is 5 years old and she is taking to dressage really well and showing some great potential. Since July is a bit of a crazy month we are waiting to take her out until August and continuing to train her at home so it will be exciting when she is able to get out and about and see the world!

That’s all from me at the minute but July is already packed with lots of exciting events and competitions so keep an eye out for my latest posts online!