wavefork_019-black_820-lime-greenAs our 2016 Young Rider we set Elspeth the challenge of trialling what we believe to be the most efficient shavings fork for BEDMAX Shavings.

Having previously experienced back problems when mucking out, and having heard fantastic things about the Wave Fork, Elspeth jumped at the chance to try one out for herself.

Here’s what she had to say…

Jonty Wave Fork“Having suffered with problems in my lower back and shoulders that mucking out used to exasperate I noticed a real difference using this fork.  The wider base made the fork much better balanced than average tools and prevented that twist that used to trouble my back.  The wave prongs moved so well through the BEDMAX shavings and were far better at separating the muck from the shavings, noticeably reducing waste.”

“Though flexible, the fork is also very strong, especially helpful when the horses try to use the fork as a toy! A friend of mine picked up my Nobel Wave Fork and immediately noticed how comfortable it was to hold and use and ordered one for them self straight away.  We have also ordered extra forks for using away at competitions as no one on the yard wants to use anything but the Wave Fork after feeling how easy it makes mucking out.”

wave-fork-croppedTo get your hands on one of these wonderful Wave Forks, and revolutionise your mucking out routine, please visit the shop on our website.