The UK’s foremost manufactured of Horse Bedding, BEDMAX Ltd has confirmed that they are to sponsor the 2019 National Equine Forum, which is an arena for knowledge transfer and open discussion for the equine industry at the highest level.

This is the 10th consecutive year that BEDMAX have supported the NEF which will held in London on 7th March 2019 three weeks before Britain scheduled to leave the EU. The National Equine Forum is attended by government officials, vets and equestrian industry leaders along with representatives from all areas of the UK’s equine sector.

Understandably this year’s NEF programme has a section focussing on the impact of Brexit and what it means to the UK’s equine sector in practical terms. Other subjects to be covered will include, making the most of the Central Equine Database on an everyday basis and how charities fit into the modern world.

There will be a special horse and rider fitness section involving world-leading experts sharing their knowledge. Andrew Hemmings, Head of the Equine Management and Science School at the Royal Agricultural University will give a presentation on equine stereotypical behaviours. Simon Curtis FWCF will present the Memorial Lecture on his lifetime in farriery and aspects of foot care.

Tim Smalley MD of BEDMAX Ltd who has himself attended this event for the several years explains why as a company he feels it is so important to support the National Equine Forum and how his own company has benefits from the latest industry information:

“It is a great pleasure to contribute to the forum. We enjoy giving back to the industry in a rather quiet and hopefully effective way and I hope we can manage to do so for some time to come because this is an organisation which run by a principled and caring group of people who are bent on maintaining its independence and integrity.”

“The NEF gives a forum for all interested members of the equine industry to listen to experts discussing matters that we are not normally involved in but care about deeply.   The Forum has discussed racing in all its aspects from bookmakers to tendons, equine business matters from rates to surviving recession, welfare from rehoming to equine emergency services, lots about young people including apprentices and using horses for those with acute learning disabilities.

“We hear about matters pertaining to new regulations and there are short talks on a myriad of subjects such as rare breeds, homeopathy, notifiable diseases, equine slaughterhouses, drugs and bloodlines. I look forward to hearing what I know will be some most informative discussions this year.”

Established in 2000, BEDMAX Ltd was the first company in the UK to produce tailor-made, dust-free shavings for horses. Today, with a Royal Warrant for the supply of horse bedding to Her Majesty the Queen, it is the industry leader with a global reputation.

Throughout the last 20 years, BEDMAX has continually conducted research and completed regular surveys into equine health and wellbeing within a stable environment.  This is the vital ingredient that ensure that they are able to maintain their reputation for producing the very highest quality horse bedding from which all stabled horses can benefit.

BEDMAX has established a reputation as a “Dust-Free Bedding”, as such each year there are thousands of tons of dust extracted during the production process.

Over the years, the company’s portfolio of products has evolved and expanded and now includes BEDMAX, LITTLEMAX, STOCKMAX, and HOTMAX.

Further details on the NEF 2019 programme will be released in the New Year. For further information on the NEF visit