BEDMAX shavings are not just for performance horses.

Thousands of individual owners who keep horses simply for the love of it now use BEDMAX in their stables. As the health and welfare threats inherent in the stable become more widely recognised, more owners understand the need to use a bedding that will help keep their horses healthy and happy.

Why Choose BEDMAX?

For your horse’s well-being

Almost every owner we have surveyed over the past decade has told us that they put their horse’s health and welfare first when they choose bedding. This is the primary reason why BEDMAX emerged as by far the most popular brand of purpose-made bedding in the two most recent national surveys on bedding choice.

For your own well-being

When you choose BEDMAX, you know you’re buying the best bedding for the health and welfare of your horse in the stable. You’re responsible for making all the choices for your horse, and when you buy BEDMAX, you can rest assured you’re buying the best. But you’re also doing the sensible thing from your own financial point of view.

Keeping horses isn’t cheap…

Your choices must inevitably take cost into account, so that’s where you may be surprised to hear that choosing BEDMAX can help you in several ways.

BEDMAX is competitive on price with other purpose-made brands. We’re often actually cheaper on a straight bag-for-bag, weight-for-weight basis.
You won’t need as much BEDMAX to make a good, deep bed as other brands, our larger shavings last longer, and you won’t waste as much when you’re mucking out.
Because BEDMAX can help keep your horse healthy in the stable, it also helps reduce the incidence of health problems that prevent you riding your horse.