I can’t believe it is now December! This month was Vinnie’s time to move and join me in Reading.

I have been very lucky to be able to move Vinnie to his owner, Coral’s, yard which is a short 15 min drive from where I am living. The facilities are absolutely stunning and I am so glad to be able to have the use of an indoor school coming up to the dark cold mornings. So now the juggling between horses and work begins!

I prefer to ride in the mornings so for me it is a 6am start to get to the yard to ride before work. It can definitely be a challenge sometimes to get up when it is so dark and cold outside, one day my car was reading -4 degrees when I got to the yard and it does take a bit of encouragement to get Vinnie to leave his lovely stable with a big deep Bedmax bed. But it all makes it worthwhile when we have a great training session.

We have also recently moved Dora back home after being away for the summer. It was lovely to see her back home and looking so well and can’t wait for the next foal to arrive – although it is due to arrive on April fool’s day…

I am really lucky now to be only 20 mins drive from Wellington Riding so last week we popped Vinnie in the horsebox to go and have a run through of the U25’s Grand Prix. Vinnie warmed up brilliantly, he definitely loves showing off to all the other horses (no one has told him they aren’t here to see him!).

Unfortunately as I was going round the edge of the arena, the judge came out of her box and told us that they didn’t have the sheet for the test I was doing so had to go and print one off!

So 5 mins later we finally went down the centre line but Vinnie just felt like he had turned off a little bit from going round the outside of the arena a few too many times which led to quite a few mistakes that we would normally not have, unfortunately impacting the double mark movements mostly!

But that’s horses and we can’t be perfect every time and I was still thrilled to come out with just under 64% despite the costly mistakes.

Until the new year Vinnie and I will be focusing on training and perfecting the movements for U25 Grand Prix and Inter II. We have also had a go at some of the movements from the senior grand prix like the canter zig zag. We definitely have a long way to go but it didn’t look to horrendous so to complete a senior grand prix is definitely being added to my long term goal list.

Izzy x