Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great Christmas.

2018 has flown by and I it has definitely been a year of ups and downs. Vinnie and I completed our first Grand Prix, competed at the winter national championships, qualified for the 2019 winter championships and got invited to our first international.

Although our trip abroad didn’t exactly go to plan, I am still amazed at how far we have got this year and I have to give a special thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the year.

And not forgetting being awarded the Bedmax scholarship which has helped enormously as our herd at home seems to be growing! I am very excited for what 2019 has to bring, especially as there is only 3 months to wait till we get to meet our next addition to the family, Dora’s next foal. So if anyone has any ideas for show names that begin with O, please drop me a message.

December was quite a quiet month for Vinnie and I. We have now settled down into a routine of juggling horses and working and I found out just before Christmas that I passed my final 3 accountancy exams so no more exams!!! Vinnie is going really well at home and we have been having a few lessons with Sarah Millis to make sure we can scrape together every mark we can.

We have been working on getting more self-carriage in the trot and canter as Vinnie can be a bit lazy sometimes. I need to be a bit stricter with myself, telling him he has to do the work.

Christmas doesn’t start until Olympia and I was very lucky to be invited into a hospitality box for the dressage freestyle night this year. It was such an amazing experience and definitely puts me in the Christmassy mood. The standard of horses there was amazing and is really inspirational especially as I am thinking of putting together a grand prix freestyle to music routine soon – we have lots of homework.

Next week Vinnie and I are heading off to Addington high profile so I’ll let you know all about it in my next blog.