Make an Ideal Bed

This is how our experts recommend that you make a bed that will be best for your horse and easiest and least wasteful for you to maintain:

Maintaining an Ideal Bed…

  • Horses should be removed from their stable if possible while mucking out.
  • Droppings should be removed as soon as possible using a shavings fork.
  • Shake the fork gently to loosen any clean shavings back onto the surface and avoid waste.
  • Loosen the surface of the bed with the shavings fork after mucking out.
  • Every two or three days, heap loosened surface shavings into banks at the sides, remove any concentrated areas of wet shavings and pull banks back into the main area of the bed..
  • Add fresh shavings to maintain optimum depth. Most customers report using 1 – 1.5 bags a week, depending on your horse’s ‘housekeeping habits’.

Recycle Used Shavings…

We recommend that the simplest and most environmentally responsible means of disposing of your used shavings is to compost them and return them to the soil. We commissioned a 12-month scientific study to confirm the best conditions for composting BEDMAX shavings successfully. The result showed that used shavings plus manure will turn themselves into excellent compost in a matter of a few months.

Composting tips

No special effort is required, but the ideal conditions for composting a muck heap are:

  • A rough ratio of 3 parts shavings : 1 part dung or green matter
  • Ensure the heap is on the wet side of damp but not waterlogged
  • Keep the heap uncovered
  • Air is essential. Turn the heap monthly if possible
  • Under these conditions BEDMAX will compost in 4 – 8 months depending on the season.