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BEDMAX for Veterinary Care

Leading equine vets and clinics were among the many professionals we consulted when we were developing BEDMAX.

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They were among our first customers when we started making BEDMAX in 2000, and are still among the growing numbers of vets, equine hospitals and clinics who use BEDMAX in their stables today.

Vets and equine veterinary hospitals and clinics use BEDMAX because they need to create the cleanest and healthiest environment for horses under treatment or in recovery. This is the very best testimony to the value of BEDMAX shavings in promoting optimum health and welfare for all horses in the stable.

Lesley Barwise-Munro is the Senior Partner for the Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group, and a former President of the British Equine Veterinary Association. In the short video on the right she explains why vets prefer Bedmax.

Many vets also recommend BEDMAX to their clients..

This is particularly in cases of horses confined to box rest, so too do a growing number of farriers, who understand better than anyone the value of good bedding in keeping hooves healthy, and in speeding recovery from hoof and foot problems.

We are still learning more all the time from vets and farriers about the importance of bedding to the health and welfare of stabled horses. Professional feedback is invaluable to us in helping to put bedding more prominently on the equine welfare map.

“It’s the best bedding currently available. We wouldn’t use anything else.”
David Pearce, Head Groom, Dick Vet Equine Hospital Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh
“We have tried other types of bedding in our clinic but they just haven’t stacked up for us like BEDMAX shavings.”
Lesley Barwise-Munro BSc, BVM&S, CertEP, MRCVS, Senior Partner, Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group

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