As a company, we are continually striving to minimise our impact on the environment, and to recycle as much of our waste as we can.

Read our 10 step story below, which explains how we make sure that nothing we use to make BEDMAX is wasted, how the waste product can be used to make our HOTMAX fuel logs, and how even the plastic bags used in our final product is completely recyclable.


  • Made from pine

    Made from pine

    BEDMAX Shavings are made from pine timber sourced entirely from sustainable UK forestry…

  • Bark Chippings

    Bark Chippings

    All bark that falls from the logs during processing is sent to garden centres…

  • Purpose Built

    Purpose Built

    We cut our shavings to an optimum size in our 3 purpose- built UK production plants…

  • Extracting Dust

    Extracting Dust

    We then screen and vacuum extract all the dust from our shavings…

  • 3,000 Tonnes Per Year

    3,000 Tonnes Per Year

    We extract over 3,000 tonnes of dust and particles from our shavings every year…

  • Made Into Hotmax

    Made Into Hotmax

    Already very dry, this dust is compacted into high density, 100% natural wood HOTMAX Heat Logs…

  • Hotmax Fuel

    Hotmax Fuel

    Making HOTMAX one of the cleanest, most efficient and eco-friendly fuels available in the UK…

  • Dust Free

    Dust Free

    Thousands of customers now use our dust free, 100% natural shavings for their horses…

  • Return to the Soil

    Return to the Soil

    And the best way to dispose of their used shavings is to compost and return them to the soil…

  • Recycling Packaging

    Recycling Packaging

    All the plastic used in our bags is EU PE04 Low Density Polyethene 100% recyclable plastic, and the ink used on each bag is recyclable ink.

Composting your used BEDMAX Shavings.

We are increasingly asked by customers for advice on the most effective way to dispose of used shavings.

So we have commissioned scientists at Napier University to come up with the definitive answer. Now the experiments are finished – and the answer is to turn your shavings into compost and return them to the soil.

BEDMAX shavings, in the right natural conditions and with just a bit of sensible management, will obligingly turn themselves into re-usable, bio-degradable compost.

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Don’t Throw it Away, Recycle for Another Day

BEDMAX shares innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle their packaging.

As a company, we are continually striving to minimise our usage of plastics. However, to ensure that a customer’s BEDMAX Shavings stay in optimum condition, it is imperative that they are completely sealed in durable, 100% waterproof bags. The plastic also needs to have the capabilities of being branded.

We still take our recycling responsibilities very seriously though, and our use of plastic is no exception.

We asked BEDMAX users to tell us what they do with their used bale bags and this is what people have come up with!

1: A Water Slide

Split open your saved up bale bags and duct tape together to create a slip and slide. Switch the hose pipe on and get sliding!

2: Garden Kneeling Mat

Fed up of getting damp knees while weeding? Why not use your old BEDMAX bale bag to kneel on?

3: Laundry Bags

Hands up if your washing machine has ever broken! Why not use your old BEDMAX bale bags as laundry bags, fill them up and pop them along to your Mum/Dad/Friend’s house for them to wash

4: Log Bags

If you are looking for a way to keep logs dry, or perhaps you bag up a few logs for your friends & neighbors, why not use your old BEDMAX bale bags!

5: Window Covering

If you are sprucing up the house to get ready for Christmas, why not utilise your old BEDMAX bale bags to cover up your windows and stop those pesky paint splatters.