Bedmax Company Timeline

  • Haymax developed at Greymare Farm

    Haymax developed at Greymare Farm

    Tim Smalley develops HAYMAX at Greymare Farm – pioneering, dust-free, controlled-protein haylage for horses for the UK racing industry.

  • Bedding research begins

    Bedding research begins

    Research begins into the best material, specification and production process for a dust-free bedding to match HAYMAX.

  • Production begins…

    Production begins…

    Production of BEDMAX large flake dust-free pine shavings begins at Greymare in a purpose built plant.

  • International


    The first shipment of BEDMAX arrives at Sha Tin racecourse in Hong Kong.

  • Second plant built

    Second plant built

    Our second purpose-built BEDMAX plant begins production at Caunton in Nottinghamshire.

  • Export to Europe

    Export to Europe

    Sales begin in France, following in Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

  • Bedmax at Badminton

    Bedmax at Badminton

    BEDMAX is the official choice of bedding at Badminton Horse Trials for the first time. It still is.

  • Festival of British Eventing

    Festival of British Eventing

    Bedmax provide bedding at The Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe Park, and remains the bedding choice today.

  • Bedmax Lorry

    Bedmax Lorry

    Corgi produce a BEDMAX lorry!

  • Bedmax at Burghley

    Bedmax at Burghley

    Bedmax provide the bedding at Burghley Horse Trials, and remain the bedding choice today.

  • Royal Warrant

    Royal Warrant

    BEDMAX is granted a Royal Warrant by appointment to Her Majesty The Queen.

  • Hotmax is launched

    Hotmax is launched

    HOTMAX fuel logs launched – made from the dust we extract from our horse bedding.

  • Patchington Plant Opens

    Our third BEDMAX production plant opens at Patchington in Hampshire.

  • Ten million bags

    Total production passes the 10 million bag milestone.

  • Littlemax arrives

    Littlemax arrives

    LITTLEMAX fine shavings begin production.

  • Bestselling brand in the UK

    Bestselling brand in the UK

    BETA & Horse & Hound Surveys identify BEDMAX as the bestselling brand of equine bedding in the UK. 

  • Export Award

    Her Majesty The Queen renews the BEDMAX Royal Warrant. BEDMAX wins the BETA UKTI Export Award.

  • 1.2 million bags…

    Production of BEDMAX and LITTLEMAX shavings exceeds 1.2 million bags in the last 12 months.

  • STOCKMAX launched

    STOCKMAX launched

    Our new brand of 100% pine, naturally anti-bacterial shavings ideal for sheep at lambing time, cows & calves, poultry and game bird chicks, working dogs and hounds.

  • Bestselling according to BETA. Again.

    BETA & Horse & Hound Surveys confirm BEDMAX as the bestselling brand of equine bedding in the UK.