This BBC report shows how composting and/or recycling your horse manure can help protect the environment – by capturing CO2 from used bedding and using it to put the fizz into beer and fizzy drinks.

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BEDMAX has always urged customers that the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of used bedding is to compost it and return it to the soil. In recent years, there’s been a huge growth in alternative ways to do this, including large commercial composting centres, and more recently biomass generation facilities like this one in the BBC film.

The report shows an anaerobic digester located near Newmarket which is taking thousands of tonnes of old bedding and horse poo from the many racing stables nearby, ‘digesting’ it in huge ‘artificial stomachs’ and then using the methane this produces to power electricity generation.

The process also produces CO2, which is another major cause of global warming. But instead of releasing this into the atmosphere, the Newmarket digester captures and liquifies it, and then sells the CO2 to breweries to put the fizz in their beer and other carbonated drinks.

What an inspiring good news story on environmental ingenuity. And as the reporter says in the film, the beer doesn’t have even the slightest whiff of horse’s bottom…

PS: The other waste-product from the digesting process is organic matter, minus the methane and CO2, which is recycled as animal feed and/or fertiliser.