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20 01, 2020

Sammy Willson Junior Scholar – 2020 New Year Blog

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas break. I have just started my second term at university, and I am loving it. I am studying English at the University of Exeter and my flexible timetable allows me to come home and ride Flo every weekend, so we are getting lots of training in.

7 01, 2020

Pine shavings – a valuable bedding option at lambing time.

As sheep farmers prepare for the upcoming lambing season, more and more are turning to pine shavings as an effective alternative to straw, which continues to command exceptionally high prices this winter. Pine is also a proven option to prevent health problems, and at a lower price than straw, it is a sensible solution to promote good health and reduce costs. 

17 11, 2019

Respiratory Disease Kills Humans and Horses.

November 20th is World COPD Day. This is a global day of warning, flagging up the growing threat of respiratory disease and the 2 million human deaths it causes every year. It is estimated that over 250 million people around the world live with the effects of respiratory disease caused by the inhalation of toxic pollutants or particulates like dust that inflame, irritate and restrict their airways and lungs.

4 11, 2019

20th Anniversary BEDMAX Young Rider 2020

To mark their 20th year, BEDMAX is opening its unique Young Rider Scholarship Programme to all disciplines for the 2020 season. For the fifth year running, the pioneering manufacturer of UK best-selling BEDMAX and LITTLEMAX dust free pine shavings is looking to support an inspirational young rider throughout a twelve-month programme. Previously open only to those competing in eventing, dressage and showjumping, the Young Rider Scholarship for 2020 is open to riders in any equestrian discipline, aged between 16 and 23, living and training in England, Scotland or Wales.

25 09, 2019

Bedmax Cleans Up!

Staff and families take part in the Great British Beach Clean. BEDMAX Shavings, the UK’s leader in equine bedding, swapped shavings for sand when they took part in the Great British Beach Clean on the Northumberland coast. The annual event this year took place over the weekend of 20th – 23rd September.

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