The BEDMAX Story

BEDMAX began life on a family farm on the coast opposite Holy Island in north Northumberland in 2000.

We began producing BEDMAX initially for the racing industry, in response to the growing understanding that bedding was often the worst source of airborne dust and spores that can do so much damage to horses in stables.

But in our research into what makes the best bedding for horses, we also discovered that many other areas of equine health and welfare can be affected by bedding – and that the needs of owners are very important too!

Today we have three production plants making well over two million bags of BEDMAX a year for thousands of loyal customers in the UK and our growing export markets.

Our Success

The success of BEDMAX shavings is due to the fact that the vast majority of owners share the same absolute commitment to the health and well-being of their horses, and recognise the value of a top-quality, dust-free bedding they can trust.

Our vision is to offer horse owners a bedding of the highest quality, performance and value, that helps meet all the health and welfare issues that can affect their horses in the stable.

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The Environment

We are investing all the time to reduce our carbon footprint and increase our positive contribution to the environment:

Timber Buying

We buy all the timber we use to make BEDMAX only from managed, renewable forestry sources in the UK.


We are using new high-strength, lightweight film with new bagging technology to reduce the weight of our packaging.

Carbon Reduction

We are investing significantly in new production technology to reduce both our energy consumption and our emissions at our production plants.

Completing the Green Cycle

We have carried out a study to confirm the best way for customers to compost their used BEDMAX shavings and manure, and return our shavings to the soil.