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for all horses, and all owners who put their horse's welfare first

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BEDMAX is the preferred choice of bedding for many of the worlds leading trainers...

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BEDMAX for racing

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Have you tried HOTMAX?

Clean, convenient and cost effective,
Hotmax is an ideal source of heat for
your home in winter and for outdoor
use in summer.


Dust free pine shavings – purpose made for horses

bedmax_bag-18-30-40Welcome to BEDMAX Shavings – 100% natural, dust free horse bedding developed and made-to-measure to help you keep your horse healthy, happy and comfortable in the stable.

This site explains why bedding is so important to your horse’s health, why we make BEDMAX the way we do, and why so many owners and experts choose BEDMAX for the horses in their care.

You can also find details here of our LITTLEMAX Fine Shavings, made for owners who prefer a finer, lighter bedding, and HOTMAX Heat Logs, made from the dust we remove from our shavings.


BEDMAX is the ideal bedding for...

Leisure Riding

dust_free Thousands of individual owners who keep horses simply for the love of it now use BEDMAX in their stables.

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dust_free The racing industry was our starting point when we began researching bedding in 1998.

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Competing & Events

dust_free Horses need the right care and preparation to perform at their best in any form of competition.

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Veterinary Care

dust_free Many of the UK's leading equine veterinary practices, clinics and hospitals choose BEDMAX.

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